Available for just about any moderately sized occasion, from business to baby shower, our banquet room can comfortably accommodate anywhere from 15 – 45 people.

Let us take the complications out of your event, so that you may have an enjoyable evening with your guests. As our small kitchen cooks for both the front and back, with just about everything to order, for large banquets, we ask that you choose one of our banquet menus to then allow your guests to select from. This will allow for a smoother event for both your guests and for our kitchen.

Prices for use of our banquet rooms are $400 for four hours on Sun, Tues, Wed & Thurs, and $600 for four hours on Fri & Sat. Each additional hour is $100. Monday reservations are available upon request. Reservations include use of banquet room, tables, chairs, service wear and staff. Linens are available upon request. To reserve the room, 50% deposit is required. This allows us to book your date and time, prevents us from booking any other events for this time, and will allow us to order the proper amount from our purveyors in preparation for your special event. Wi-Fi, projector, and screen along with teleconference connection available for a fee.

Please inquire if you are interested in any of these. Banquet Menus (tax and standard service charge not included).

DOWNLOAD BANQUET MENUS : Banquet Lunch $20.00 | Banquet Lunch $26.00 | Banquet Dinner $28.00
Banquet Dinner $39.00 | Banquet Dinner $46.00 | Buffet $25.00 | Buffet $32.00