About Us

Come Enjoy Fuso's Beautiful Dining Room and Lounge with a Full Bar

Located in Downtown Vacaville, Fuso Italian Restaurant came in to being for one purpose. The word fuso means many things, but the most important lies within our goal to bring together good food and good people, with a hope that from this fusion, good things will follow. While our main style falls back on Italian, we cook our seasonal dishes towards more American cuisine. Our daily specials are just that, they change daily, and they rely heavily on what is locally available to our chefs.


“I find myself raving about Fuso’s Restaurant to people all the time. I just had dinner again night before last with my step-daughter and it was a delight once again. The house wine was superb, the food was tasty and perfectly cooked and service, the service was excellent–not too much, nor too little, and the ambiance was soothing. I have had this kind of experience every single time I have eaten at Fuso’s, whether lunch or dinner. I have enjoyed the music on several occasions too.”


“I just wanted to thank you for creating and perfectly executing such a great place to enjoy food, service, and a positive change in atmosphere. Unlike many restaurants I’ve experienced, who are missing one or more elements of a great restaurant, such as excellent food, great service, comfortable atmosphere, and reasonable pricing, Fuso’s nails all of them and that is what I rave about. Thank you for a wonderful job. Yours is without a doubt my favorite restaurant in all of Solano County. Keep up the great work!"


“I just had to write to you and share how thrilled we were at our recent dinner. Forty-six of our people gathered in your banquet room for a wonderful evening on Valentine’s Day. The food was fabulous! This is not just my opinion, but the expression of so many that I spoke to. The ambiance was perfect and the service was first rate. I was awed, too, in the fact that there was just enough food for everyone. Each person was able to eat as much as they wanted without running out of food. Yet, there was just a little left over. I smiled.

I am grateful for the extra touches that you, and your staff, put on the evening. Valentine’s Day was very busy for you and to accomplish what you did for us showed the style, grace and efficiency for which you run your wonderful restaurant. We look forward to being able to partner with you in future events. Certainly, our people will be visiting Fuso’s more often whenever they are looking for a night out. As well, I will be recommending you to all who ask me for a place to hold their event."

Thank You Again!
In His Service
Curtis L. Miller
Pastor, New Hope Christian Fellowship